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What Should I Pay Attention To When The ADC Blowing Agents Is Used For Processing Auxiliaries?

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 23, 2017

What should I pay attention to when the ADC Blowing Agents is used for processing auxiliaries?
 ADC Blowing Agents processing aids and PVC processing aids the physical properties of different, so the use of different methods, ADC foam agent processing additives products are divided into processing modifiers and impact modifier. The product used for the purpose of improving the impact properties of plastics is called an impact modifier
Processing type ADC Blowing Agents processing aids to improve the processing performance of PVC as the main purpose, it is usually methyl methacrylate and methacrylic acid esters and acrylic ester copolymer copolymerization generated. PVC in the processing need to be heated and shear dispersed into a uniform molten state to shape, but the PVC resin itself on the heat and shear force transmission is not strong, plasticization time is longer, the formation of the melt is not uniform, affecting the appearance of products And mechanical properties, when added ACR processing aids, can significantly improve the melt flow of PVC resin, thermal deformation and product surface gloss and other characteristics.
ADC Blowing Agents processing aids are usually made from methyl methacrylate in polymerization of alkyl acrylate elastomers and have a "core-shell" structure. The "core" is a class of low cross-linked acrylic rubber polymer, "shell" is good compatibility with PVC methyl methacrylate graft polymer. ,
 ADC Blowing Agents has a very good anti-aging, oxidation resistance and temperature resistance and some other properties, but in the process of vulcanization will produce pores, which is why? ADC manufacturers today to answer your solution.
According to reports, taking into account the ADC Blowing Agents and EPDM rubber compatibility, resulting in a large extent due to the vulcanization speed and the impact of the complex, EPDM rubber structure contains a higher saturation Structural units in the reaction process need to meet the conditions of similar polarity in order to ensure that ADC Blowing Agents blending vulcanization to maintain good diffusion. The ADC Blowing Agents is also a high degree of saturation of the polymer, so the process of curing the pores, is the effect of many reasons superimposed.
As the curing agent usually contains acidic substances, in the high temperature state will form hydrochloric acid, and free radicals react, so the formation of pores is inevitable, ADC foam manufacturers have many years of production and sales experience, look forward to your inquiries.
Chemical industry is now the most used chemical raw materials is the ADC foam agent, it is very wide range of applications. Below the ADC foam agent manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone in detail the difference between them.
     According to reports, ADC Blowing Agents is a saturated polymer material, the appearance of white powder, non-toxic and tasteless; superior performance, such as excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and anti-aging properties, but also have Good oil resistance, flame resistance and coloring performance; which is more toughness, at -30 ℃ when there is still flexibility; and other polymer materials also have good compatibility, high decomposition temperature.