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What Is The ADC Blowing Agents?

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 11, 2017

What is the ADC Blowing Agents?
The so-called ADC Blowing Agents is to make the object material into the hole of the material, it can be divided into chemical ADC Blowing Agents and physical ADC Blowing Agents two categories. Chemical ADC Blowing Agentss are those compounds which, after being decomposed by heating, can release gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen and form pores in the polymer composition. If the foam pores are formed by the physical form of a substance, that is, by the expansion of the compressed gas, the volatilization of the liquid, or the dissolution of the solid, the substance is called a physical ADC Blowing Agents.
Chemical ADC Blowing Agents and inorganic ADC Blowing Agents and organic ADC blowing agent of the points. Inorganic ADC Blowing Agents mainly sodium bicarbonate. Organic ADC Blowing Agents mainly in the following categories:
1. Azo compounds;
2. Sulfonyl hydrazine compounds
3. Nitroso compounds.
Add the ADC Blowing Agents to make the foam can be separated from the foam and closed-cell foam.
Production of foam must have ADC Blowing Agents, in addition to sometimes use nitrogen and freon such inert gas of the physical ADC Blowing Agents, the general use of chemical ADC Blowing Agents, and the most important of which is azodicarbonamide AC) ADC Blowing Agents. Foam cell structure, skin conditions, physical properties not only with the processing method, but also with the performance of chemical ADC Blowing Agents with ADC Blowing Agents to produce polymer material foam, this processing can be traced back to the early Rubber industry. As early as the mid-nineteenth century useful ammonium carbonate and volatile liquid for ADC Blowing Agents to produce natural sponge method. But until the Second World War, the chemical ADC Blowing Agents began to develop. Currently widely used chemical ADC Blowing Agents, but ten kinds of physical foaming used only a few. Also have a close relationship. The use of chemical ADC Blowing Agents is easier to make cells even more than inert gas. The decomposition temperature of the selected ADC Blowing Agents must match the processing temperature. But regardless of the choice of chemical ADC Blowing Agents, the quality of the foam depends on its degree of mixing with the resin.
 ADC Blowing Agents is divided into two categories, chemical ADC Blowing Agents and physical ADC Blowing Agents. Chemical ADC Blowing Agents is decomposed at high temperature to form gaseous decomposition products (N2, CO2, NH3, etc.) organic and inorganic. This decomposition process is usually exothermic and irreversible. The physical ADC Blowing Agents may be a liquid or a substance that has been vaporized under normal conditions. Physical ADC Blowing Agentss include aliphatic, hydrocarbon (pentane, hexane, decane, etc.). Chlorinated hydrocarbons (chloromethane, dichloromethane, etc.). Chlorine-fluorocarbon compounds (trichloromonofluoromethane, dichlorodifluoromethane, etc.), N2, CO2 rare gases and air.
Conventional physical foaming refers to the mixing of the physical ADC Blowing Agents with the resin matrix, and by changing the conditions during the operation, the ADC Blowing Agents is physically changed according to the principle of thermodynamic instability, and the process of generating bubbles is generated.
Chemical ADC Blowing Agents, heat decomposition or chemical reaction between the raw materials generated by the chemical, chemical ADC blowing agent in the heating of the release of gas are carbon dioxide, nitrogen, ammonia and so on.
The nature of the ADC Blowing Agents has an extremely important effect on the performance of the foam. Therefore, the study of the properties of ADC Blowing Agents has become a hot research field in the field of foam, and has made great progress. With the continuous improvement of the foam production process, the industrial production of ADC foam on the nature of the higher requirements. In order to meet the more demanding requirements of the foam process, the researchers on the performance of ADC Blowing Agents has been continuously improved, and gradually expand its type and improve the use of conditions.