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What Are The Chemical Properties Of Modified Grade Of CPE?

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

What are the chemical properties of Modified Grade of CPE?
The construction market is very common Modified Grade of CPE in the end is what industry? I can tell you clearly that it is the chemical industry. In fact, Modified Grade of CPE is a substance that makes the target substance into pores. There are three categories of chemical Modified Grade of CPE, physical Modified Grade of CPE and surfactant. Through the decomposition of heat release of carbon dioxide and ammonia and other gases, and then formed in the polymer composition of the pore compounds, the Modified Grade of CPE is the chemical Modified Grade of CPE. The so-called physical Modified Grade of CPE is the physical change of foam pores through a substance, which is formed by the expansion of compressed gas or the volatilization of liquids and the dissolution of solids. Usually Modified Grade of CPE has a very good surface activity, can well reduce the surface tension of the liquid, and can be in the liquid film double e-layer alignment, and then surrounded by air to form a bubble, a lot of single bubble composition foam. Modified Grade of CPE in amino, it is toxic, that is, coagulation can not afford to digest. In the process of using, we still have to do a good job of protective measures, so as not to affect their health.
1. Economic and practical method: There are protrusions on the ceramic tile can be stained with hydrochloric acid / oxalic acid cleaning, generally need to be calculated to be diluted, about 1:10, to ensure that it is a weak acid, reducing the erosion of the tiles. Household toilet cleaners can be diluted, but due to acidity is not easy to control, be careful not to pour too much on the tiles. Smooth place with a shovel can be.
2. If it is difficult to grasp the proportion of acidity, can go to a professional decontamination shop to buy Modified Grade of CPE cleaning agent for cleaning. Taobao and other online stores also sell, but expensive to use your point.
3. Can be used to remove the pineal water, pineal water is a good solvent, can dissolve a lot of stains, but with the time to be careful not to hurt the tiles, and need to clear residual pine water after use, the smell of pineal water on the respiratory tract A stimulus, allergic caution.
4. do not want to do it yourself, you can ask the sales staff to solve.
5. Toothpaste contains a variety of decontamination components, you can choose to clean, but the effect of different types of stains, the effect is different.
The general practice of Modified Grade of CPE is dark-colored brick with light seams, light-colored tiles with dark seams. But the floor tiles with light seams (white, yellow, vanilla color) easier to dirty. . . . . Daily use, there will be dirty water mop by Modified Grade of CPE absorption, a few days to gray. Dark seams will be more resistant to dirt. If you do not like black seams, you can consider the gray (black and white, the ratio of their own tune), it is recommended to use "brown." Plus some white is light brown, add a little black is dark coffee color. Tiles suitable for many warm colors. Toner is to use dry powder, do not add water. After adding water, the color will look deeper.
Good sound insulation material, but Modified Grade of CPE is definitely a good choice. He can fill the irregular cavity with a great deal of plasticity. In the operation of a certain inconvenience, Modified Grade of CPE curing a normal process in about an hour.
Modified Grade of CPE is an indispensable material for decoration, Modified Grade of CPE has strong adhesion, shrinkage is small, good crack resistance, decorative texture is also very good, as well as anti-stress anti-mold, wear-resistant Features. Modified Grade of CPE can be very perfect repair the cracking and damage the floor surface, Modified Grade of CPE surface brush paint, but also can have good water resistance. As Modified Grade of CPE can also prepare their own different colors, according to their own preferences have different options, more and more customers like it. After curing Modified Grade of CPE is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, you can rest assured that use. However, it should be noted that Modified Grade of CPE is not harmful before the state of curing elements, construction workers must pay attention to take protective measures to prevent the inhalation of harmful substances along with the air to the human body, causing harm to the human body, causing eye irritation Skin and respiratory system damage. Not curing the foam If you accidentally get on the skin and clothes, then it is difficult to clean, be sure to rinse with water and detergent, can not delay the time, or wash it down.