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What Are The Chemical Properties Of ADC Blowing Agents?

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

Building market is very common ADC Blowing Agents in the end belongs to what industry? I can tell you very clearly that it is the chemical industry. ADC Blowing Agents is actually a material to the object of the material, a chemical ADC Blowing Agents, physical ADC Blowing Agents and surfactant three categories. By the decomposition of carbon dioxide and ammonia gas and other gases, and then in the polymer composition of the formation of porous compounds, this ADC Blowing Agents is a chemical ADC Blowing Agents. The so-called physical ADC Blowing Agents is the foam pore through a material physical changes, that is, by the expansion of compressed gas or liquid evaporation and solid dissolution reaction formed. ADC Blowing Agents usually have good surface activity, can be a good way to reduce the liquid surface tension, and can be in the liquid film surface double electronic layer, and then surrounded by air, the formation of bubbles, there are many single bubbles foam. ADC Blowing Agents in the amino, it is toxic, that is, solidification can not afford to digest. In the use of the process, we still have to do protective measures, so as not to affect the health.
ADC Blowing Agents is used to fill the gap between tiles or walls of a decoration materials, and cement caulking, compared to this ADC blowing agent is more beautiful, not easy to crack. ADC Blowing Agents with stone, ceramic tile and other decorative materials, can also be used to bond and seepage and so on. Good ADC Blowing Agents It also reduces stress on the entire wall or floor material to protect the base material from mechanical damage and water infiltration into the entire building. Cement ADC Blowing Agents its adhesion and water resistance are not very good, thermal expansion and contraction is prone to cracks, so that the problem of water seepage. The ADC Blowing Agents is mixed with water and has good impermeability, which increases the adhesion between the tiles and the ground, the tiles and the tiles, and prevents the deformation between the stones, thus extending their use life. In short, the use of ADC Blowing Agents not only effectively prevent the wall surface of the water seepage problem, and it is easy to clean, landscaping function is better. The use of ADC Blowing Agents according to the size of the tiles and the size of the gap to set, of course, high-grade, mid-range and low, you can according to your economic strength and demand to use.
Polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents generally dry time in about 10 minutes (room temperature 20 ℃ environment), the whole dry time with the ambient temperature and humidity are different, under normal circumstances, the summer dry time about 4-6 hours, winter zero Left and right will take 24 hours or more to dry. Under normal conditions of use (and in the case of a coating on its appearance), it is estimated that the service life is not less than ten years, in the temperature range of -10 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ curing foam to maintain good flexibility and bonding force. The cured foam has the function of filling, bonding, sealing and so on. Another flame retardant polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents can achieve B and C grade flame retardant.
The use of ceramic tile ADC blowing agent looks like a common renovation process, the general decoration workers will operate, but some details still have to pay attention to, otherwise it will affect the whole decoration of the beautiful. First, the use of ADC foam components and the size of the gap you need to fill, under normal circumstances, five kilograms of ADC Blowing Agents, to fill the four or five square meters about five millimeters of tile gap, if it is seven or eight square meters About to fill the gap of three millimeters. Second, the tiles to fill, be sure to fill evenly, it is best to fill a meter will be flattened, in accordance with the procedures to fill, can not wait for all the gaps fill again to scratch. Third, the gap to fill the future to immediately remove the remaining ADC Blowing Agents to avoid too long ADC Blowing Agents sticks on the tile is difficult to remove, improve labor intensity, but also affect the appearance, if it is not clean, Clean with a detergent. Tile ADC Blowing Agents is relatively simple to use, compared to the traditional white cement performance is still very high quality. It is easy to clean up, a long time will not be filth, and it looks good texture, delicate and can be combined with the perfect tile, environmental performance Ye Hao, is your first choice for home decoration.