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Use Of ADC Blowing Agents

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Use of ADC Blowing Agents
ADC Blowing Agents is a canned self-spray sealant. Do you know how to use it? Let us from a professional point of view, with easy to understand the language to introduce you, you will be interested in it? Like friends do not miss, hurry to see it
How to use ADC Blowing Agents:
First of all, please glue evenly on the surface of the sticky material, it is best to use a plastic blade with a tooth is better, because the viscosity is too large can not use the brush, and must be used in the glue surface dry before the adhesive will be pressure. And should pay attention to the bonding surface must be clean, otherwise affect the effect of glue!
Immediately after foaming, ADC Blowing Agents is particularly strong for wood, iron, stainless steel, PVC and other adhesives, and is more resistant to high temperature, and has been widely used in all walks of life.
 Judging the quality of the polyurethane Blowing Agents formulation can be done by the following methods:
1, if it is the use of gun-type polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents, see the gun effect, playing foam, the foam is expected to be smooth, not too thin can not be too thick, too thin foam is not, and the cell will Collapse, too thick performance for the bubble dry, easy to shrink the bubble;
2, the polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents sprayed on the newspaper, forming a layer of foam, the next day to see whether the layers of foam at both ends of the tilt. Such as cocked, it indicates that the bubble shrink, the higher the Alice, the more severe shrinkage; such as both ends do not tilt, then the bubble is good;
3, cut the foam, look at the internal structure of the cell, if the cell even fine, it means a good bubble; such as the cell is very large, and the density is not defective;
4, observe the foam surface of polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents, good foam surface was gully-like, smooth but gloss is not very bright; poor foam surface smooth, no folds;
5, observe the polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents cell size, for a good foam, foam full rounded; poor foam foam small, and showing collapse;
6, with your fingers by foam, foam flexible, was a good bubble; poor foam is not flexible, according to the up very hard, with brittle;
7, observe the polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents on the substrate adhesion, good foam on a variety of substrate bonding strength, poor adhesion is poor.
ADC Blowing Agents - Gels that play a huge role in life, used primarily for filling and bonding. So how to choose good quality and use the effect of good ADC Blowing Agents? Polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents Yes
A kind of environmental protection and energy saving, easy to use building materials, can be applied to seal plugging, fill in fill, insulation and noise, especially for steel or aluminum doors and windows and windows between the sealed plugging and waterproof,
Welcomed by the people, then by the experts to tell you about the polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents choose to consider the three factors:
1, first of all to fully understand the type of ADC Blowing Agents
Because different types of ADC Blowing Agents have different foaming forces, foam stability is not the same, so the use of the process there are some limitations.
2, but also earnestly learn to master the technical indicators of polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents
Measuring the quality of ADC Blowing Agents indicators of good or bad foam, foam toughness, bleeding and so on. Foaming force reflects the foam liquid blistering ability, can be used to bubble height and expansion ratio to represent,
The higher the bubbling height, the greater the expansion ratio, indicating that the greater the bubbling force of ADC Blowing Agents.
3, the last to fully understand the use of polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents
Polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents Split-type Polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents and Tube Polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents Two. Tubular polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents, that is, what we usually call a one-time, mainly for retail, suitable for the amount of leakage of household plugging area is not the place. Tubular polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents than the gun-type polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents the pressure is small, sometimes playing clean, prone to bet the valve can not hit the phenomenon, in addition, tube products to fight out the plastic bubble no gun The delicate, expansion force is relatively large. The cost of the gun-type polyurethane ADC Blowing Agents is lower than that of the tube type.