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Two Physical Properties Of ADC Blowing Agents

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

Two physical properties of ADC Blowing Agents
ADC Blowing Agents has two major properties. First, plant cement ADC Blowing Agents. It is a light yellow, transparent and pure oily liquid, using natural plant polymer materials as raw materials, after many chemical reactions finally produced. It is non-toxic, odorless, has no sediment and is not sensitive to water. It is still neutral, does not pollute the environment, and cement and metal do not corrode when it meets it. Plant ADC blowing agent is not easy to deterioration, storage is very convenient. And it has good foaming properties, very rich foam and good stability. This kind of ADC Blowing Agents is used to foam the cement with less consumption and the quality is very stable. The key point is that the cost is very low, so that we can reduce the construction cost in the floor heating and roof insulation engineering, so the application is very extensive. Second, animal cement ADC Blowing Agents. It is made of animal keratin as the main raw material, after a lot of hydrolysis reaction. It has good foaming properties and is very stable. In the same density, it is better than the foaming agent made of plant ADC Blowing Agents sealing and thermal insulation, but also higher strength. Because it has a good foam stability, the thickness of one-time pouring foam cement generally will not collapse in more than one meter, so animal foam cement in the foam brick, light-weight plates and lightweight wall The production of a wide range of applications.
Tile ADC foam how to use it? This still has some stress, although it is a small step, it will directly affect the overall appearance. First, pick a suitable size, clean container, pour the special stirring solution into the container according to the required amount, and then slowly add the ADC Blowing Agents, and then continue to stir, stirring until no powder Paste, stop for five minutes, and then stir once more. Second, the mixing of the ADC Blowing Agents to fill the brick crevice, be sure to fill along the diagonal direction of the tile, all the gaps are filled, can not be blank, excess exposed ADC hair Squeegee with a clean tool, but can not scratch the inside of the gap. Third, fill the gap, such as ceramic ADC foam blowing agent after drying, and then use a soft cloth ring with the method of wiping ADC blowing agent, the residue in the ceramic ADC blowing agent on the clean, so that the ADC made Foam compacted, but also rubbed smooth. Tile ADC Blowing Agents in the time of doing so, you have to choose a good color, dark stitching sewing light. Floor tiles with light seams, daily life, mopping the dirty water will be slit absorption, easy to dirty, not very good-looking. Dark seams are more resistant to dirt, if you do not like black, you can also use toner toning, tune into your favorite color, remember when the color do not add water.
ADC Blowing Agents should be how to store it? First, it must be stored in airtight containers, isolated from the air, to avoid damp. General ADC Blowing Agents can not be exposed to the sun, be sure to stay away from heat, stored in a cool and dry place, if the bucket when placed vertically, there is no accumulation of water above the lid. If the entire barrels of ADC Blowing Agents used up one time, it should be immediately after each use of the lid tightly closed, so as not to run into the water vapor or impurities inside the barrel, thus affecting the quality and performance of ADC blowing agent. If you use two or more brands of ADC Blowing Agents, it should be stacked separately, be marked, so as to avoid confusion. ADC Blowing Agents is a substance that makes pores into substances. There are three major categories: chemical ADC Blowing Agentss, physical ADC Blowing Agentss and surfactants. They all have very high surface actives that reduce the surface tension of the liquid well and surround the air in a liquid film arrangement. This creates bubbles, which are then bubble together to exert their bonding properties.