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The Use Of Modified Grade Of CPE

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 23, 2017

The use of Modified Grade of CPE
Modified Grade of CPE is to allow its aqueous solution in the role of the introduction of air under the action of the air, resulting in a large number of foam, this material is a surface active material. Surface activity is the core of the foam, without it no surface activity, it can not foam. Foam concrete used by the Modified Grade of CPE is for concrete foam to carry out technical requirements. This Modified Grade of CPE in addition to the ability to produce large foam, but also pay special attention to the stability of the foam, foam delicate, as well as foam box cement and other materials to adapt to the performance. There are very few improvements in the CPE that meet these requirements. So the foam concrete Modified Grade of CPE must meet the above technical requirements. When using cement Modified Grade of CPE must pay attention to, according to a certain proportion of water diluted into foam, because the level of improved CPE are great. The water to drink Modified Grade of CPE into a tank to make it fully dissolved, wait until you see a blister, put the prepared cement poured into the tank, and then stir the tool with a full mixing evenly, and then through the pipe or artificial Into the processing, are generally used for the production of lightweight partitions, insulation materials, and so on.
With the rapid development of the construction market, improved CPE demand is also more and more. Modified Grade of CPE is an environmentally friendly building materials, it is easy to use, generally applicable to sealed waterproof plugging, filling, fixed bonding and ultimately it exists. In the steel window and aluminum alloy industry widely used. Here I would like to introduce this product: Modified Grade of CPE is a polyurethane prepolymer, improved CPE ﹑ catalyst were installed in the pressure of gas mist in the special products. When the material of the tank is ejected under the action of air pressure, the foamy polyurethane material will swell rapidly. When this time, the air or moisture will cause the curing reaction to become foam. This time the bubble can be effective in filling, sealing, bonding, etc., Modified Grade of CPE generally about ten minutes on the dry, the whole dry time depends on the environment of humidity and temperature, the specific time will be different, If it is about four or five hours in the summer, about twenty-four hours in the cold winter and about twenty-four hours in the winter, it may take a long time to dry, and in normal use, the life of the cured foam is ten years Or so, can maintain a good flexibility and bonding performance.
Modified Grade of CPE is a decoration when the commonly used is also an indispensable kind of building materials. In the use of the process or to be particularly need to pay attention to some things, or not only will affect the quality of decoration, or affect the appearance of the effect. Before we are ready for construction, we must clean the surface of the construction, clean the oil and dust, and then sprinkle a small amount of water on the surface, waiting for construction. Before using the improved level CPE must first shake the Modified Grade of CPE for one minute, making the Modified Grade of CPE material shaking evenly. If you are using a gun-type polyurethane Modified Grade of CPE, first put the tank upside down to align the gun thread, connect the flow valve to the open, and adjust the flow you need before aligning the jet. If you are using a tubular polyurethane Modified Grade of CPE, as long as the plastic nozzle aligned with the valve thread tightening, and then the plastic pipe can be directly sprayed on the gap. Need to pay special attention to is that in the injection of Modified Grade of CPE only need to fill the volume of half of the time, the injection speed should also pay attention, not too fast. Fill the direction is also very particular about the vertical gap is generally from the bottom of the order, if it is the ceiling of such a gap, the need for support measures, because the role of gravity, the bubble will not fall off, and other improved CPE After curing, the support is evacuated. The last thing to note is that the foam takes an hour later to start cutting, cutting off the exposed foam, and then brushing it on the surface, so the look looks good.