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The Importance Of Chlorinated Polyethylene In Home Decoration

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

The importance of Chlorinated Polyethylene in home decoration
The use of ceramic tile Chlorinated Polyethylene seems to be a normal but a renovation process, the general renovation workers will operate, but some details are still to pay attention to, otherwise it will affect the appearance of the entire decoration. First, the use of Chlorinated Polyethylene and the size of the gap you need to fill the gap, under normal circumstances, five kilograms of Chlorinated Polyethylene, to fill four or five square meters of ceramic tile about five millimeters, if it is 78 square meters About to fill the gap of three millimeters. Second, tile caulking, must be evenly filled, it is best to fill a meter will be flattened, filled in accordance with this procedure, can not wait until all the gaps filled again to level off. Third, the gaps filled immediately after the residual Chlorinated Polyethylene to remove clean, so as not to take too long Chlorinated Polyethylene stick to the tile is difficult to remove, improve labor intensity, but also affect the appearance, if it is not clean, Scrub with detergent. The use of ceramic tile Chlorinated Polyethylene is relatively simple, in contrast, the performance of traditional white cement is still very high quality. It is easy to clean, it will not foul up for a long time, and it looks good texture, delicate and tile can be perfect, environmental performance Ye Hao, your home decoration of choice.
Chlorinated Polyethylene is an indispensable material for decoration, polyurethane foam Chlorinated Polyethylene with strong adhesive, shrinkage, good crack resistance, decorative texture is also very good, as well as anti-stress anti-mold, resistance Wear characteristics. Chlorinated Polyethylene can be very perfect repair the cracking and damage the floor surface, Chlorinated Polyethylene surface brush paint, but also can have good water resistance. As Chlorinated Polyethylene can also prepare their own different colors, according to their own preferences have different options, more and more customers like it. After curing Chlorinated Polyethylene is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, you can rest assured that use. However, it should be noted that Chlorinated Polyethylene is not harmful before the state of curing elements, construction workers must pay attention to take protective measures to prevent the inhalation of harmful substances along with the air to the human body, causing harm to the human body, causing eye irritation Skin and respiratory system damage. Not curing the foam If you accidentally get on the skin and clothes, then it is difficult to clean, be sure to rinse with water and detergent, can not delay the time, or wash it down.
Chlorinated Polyethylene, if not accidentally got on hand for a long time has not dried, I feel very sticky, this time with polyurethane foam to clean, and soon you can wash clean, but a little smell, as well as cold feel. If there is no cleaning agent around, you can also pick up a handful of sand repeatedly rub, but also clean. If Chlorinated Polyethylene sticks in your hand for a long time, just buckle it with your hand. How to remove Chlorinated Polyethylene in the renovation project? Smooth place we can use a scoop to scratch it clean, there are protrusions on the tile with a soft cloth stained with hydrochloric acid for cleaning, but must pay attention to the seams, do not corrode the tiles, with toilet cleaner diluted Can also be used. Hydrochloric acid can wash away excess Chlorinated Polyethylene, but if the proportion of improper use or washing time is too long, will cause damage to the tiles. In addition, we can also use pineapple water or toothpaste try, the effect is still there.