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The Domestic Modified Grade Of CPE Market Continues To Stabilize The Manufacturer's Price

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 12, 2017

The domestic Modified Grade of CPE market continues to stabilize the manufacturer's price

Recently domestic Modified Grade of CPE market stability, yangzi petrochemical special material in May since listing price 10200 yuan/ton execution, Modified Grade of CPE manufacturer wait more, pay attention to the holiday special material market traders and terminal price orders. The prevailing bargaining price of China standard Modified Grade of CPE135A of large and medium-sized manufacturers in shandong is at 8,700-8900 yuan/ton, and the high price is also saved.
Afternoon looking
Cut costs: part of chlor-alkali plant construction load, the manufacturer intends to pull up liquid chlorine, and downstream of the main consumption of chlorine products epoxy propane market downturn, expected short-term liquid chlorine in north China the market is still difficult to have a big upside, price or small rose to give priority to; Some market participants said that the short-term special material market or the current level is basically flat, the proposal to focus on the latest listing price of petrochemical enterprises.
Downstream of the supply and demand pattern: PVC pipes, profiles, and other enterprises start to load without big changes, short-term Modified Grade of CPE market demand is relatively stable, factory main go early order, supply the tension continues, but more about mid to late may, the market demand is not optimistic, cautious, next week is expected to Modified Grade of CPE manufacturer inventory level is low.
It is difficult to promote the Modified Grade of CPE market to continue to rise in the liquid chlorine market, and it is expected that the Modified Grade of CPE market will continue to run in the future. It is recommended to focus on the new orders.
The modification of polyvinyl chloride, ABS and other polyolefin can improve the tenacity of PVC and improve the printing and flame retardancy of ethylene.
1) reinforcement filling system
Modified Grade of CPE is a kind of non-self-reinforcing rubber. It is necessary to have a reinforcement system to achieve good strength. It is similar to general-purpose rubber reinforcing filler system, reinforcing agent is given priority to with white carbon black, carbon black, white carbon black can improve the Modified Grade of CPE tear resistance, and can form between a white system, improve the Modified Grade of CPE and the skeleton of glue. Modified Grade of CPE has high filling, and the filling system mainly includes calcium carbonate, talcum powder, clay and so on.
2) plasticizing system
Esters plasticizer is Modified Grade of CPE is the most commonly used plasticizer, such as phthalic acid dioctyl ester (DOP) and adipic acid dioctyl ester (DOA), and their solubility parameters and CM close to, its good compatibility. DOA and DOS are used in adhesive materials to give good resistance to cold.
3) stability protection system
Modified Grade of CPE or heated in sulfide (non peroxide vulcanization system) will emerge when the hydrogen chloride, therefore to use in the formula with acid absorption effect of stabilizing agent, such as calcium stearate, barium stearate, three base lead sulfate and magnesium oxide.
4) vulcanization system of Modified Grade of CPE (important)
Modified Grade of CPE is saturated rubber, and the general common sulphur sulfide system cannot be effectively vulcanized.
Modified Grade of CPE vulcanization system applied earlier is thiourea system, is one of the most effective Na - 22, but Na - 22 curing speed, slow aging performance is poor, compression permanent deformation is very high, and Na - 22 for serious carcinogens, sulfide produced when unpleasant smell, has limited use in foreign countries.