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The Application Value Of ADC Foaming Agent

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

The Application Value of ADC Foaming Agent
ADC  foaming agent ADC foaming agent 135A Mainly used in: wire and cable  (coal mine cable, UL and VDE and other standards in the provisions of  the wire), hydraulic hose, automotive hose, tape, plastic sheet, PVC  profile pipe modification, magnetic Materials, ABS modification and so on.
Used as polyvinyl chloride, ABS and other polyolefin modifier can  improve the toughness of polyvinyl chloride and improve the printing and  flame retardancy of ethylene.
1) Reinforcement system
    ADC foaming agent is a non-self-reinforcing rubber, need to strengthen the system to achieve better strength. The  reinforcing filler system is similar to the general rubber. The  reinforcing agent is mainly composed of carbon black and silica, and the  silica can improve the tear resistance of the ADC foaming agent, and it  can form a white-white system and improve the foaming of the ADC Adhesive to the skeleton. ADC foaming agent with high filling, filling system mainly calcium carbonate, talc, clay and so on.
2) plasticizing system
    Ester  plasticizers are the most commonly used plasticizers for ADC foaming  agents such as dioctyl phthalate (DOP) and dioctyl adipate (DOA), whose  solubility parameters are close to CM and their compatibility good. DOA, DOS used in the compound can give the compound excellent cold resistance.
3) stable protection system
    When  the ADC foaming agent is heated or in the vulcanization (non-peroxide  cure system), hydrogen chloride is withdrawn. Therefore, stabilizers  such as calcium stearate, barium stearate, tri-salt Lead sulfate or magnesium oxide.
4) Vulcanization of ADC foaming agent (important)
    ADC foaming agent for the saturated rubber, general common sulfur curing system can not be effective for its vulcanization.
    ADC  foaming agent vulcanization system is relatively early application of  thiourea system, the most effective is Na-22, but Na-22 curing speed is  slow, poor aging performance, compression and permanent deformation is  high, and Na-22 for serious carcinogens , Vulcanization produces an unpleasant odor, has been restricted in foreign use.
ADC  foaming agent odorless, non-toxic, feel like wax, with excellent low  temperature performance (minimum temperature of up to -70 ~ -100 ℃),  good chemical stability, the ability of most of the acid-base erosion Oxidized  nature of the acid), at room temperature insoluble in general solvents,  water absorption, electrical insulation performance is excellent; but  ADC foaming agent for environmental stress (chemical and mechanical  effects) is very sensitive, poor heat aging. The nature of the ADC foaming agent varies from variety to size, depending on the molecular structure and density.
The type of ADC foaming agent
(1) LDPE: low density ADC foaming agent, high voltage ADC foaming agent
(2) LLDPE: linear low density ADC foaming agent
(3) MDPE: medium density ADC foaming agent, bimodal resin
(4) HDPE: high-density ADC foaming agent, low-voltage ADC foaming agent
(5) UHMWPE: ultra-high molecular weight ADC foaming agent
(6) modified ADC foaming agent: ADC foaming agent, cross-linked ADC foaming agent (PEX)
(7)  Ethylene copolymers: copolymers of ethylene-propylene copolymers  (plastics), EVA, ethylene-butene copolymers, ethylene-other olefins such  as octene POE, cycloolefins, ethylene-unsaturated ester copolymers ( EAA, EMAA, EEA, EMA, EMMA, EMAH)
The  molecular weight of 3,000,000-6,000,000 linear ADC foaming agent is  called ultra high molecular weight ADC foaming agent (UHMWPE). Ultra-high molecular weight ADC foaming agent strength is very high, can be used to do body armor.