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The Application Of Modified Grade Of CPE Should Pay Attention To What Matters

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

Modified Grade of CPE need to pay attention to the use of what? Not the same as the Modified Grade of CPE have a different role, we produce plastic products in accordance with the different needs to choose not the same as the Modified Grade of CPE, the use of these Modified Grade of CPE also has some shortcomings, we understand these Shortcomings can be an excellent way to avoid these shortcomings, let's first look at the different Modified Grade of CPE will play what kind of role:
Impact modifier: plastic processing, if not add impact modifier, plastic products will become very brittle, a little impact, there will be cracks, can not guarantee the quality and service life. The effect of the impact modifier is to make Modified Grade of CPE more resistant to the external environment.
Heat stabilizer: plastic processing plastic will be heat treatment, in the heating process, the plastic will inevitably show the phenomenon of instability. Participate in the thermal stabilizer is to stabilize the function of the Modified Grade of CPE data during heating.
Improved processing aids: the so-called improved, as the name suggests, that is to improve the Modified Grade of CPE processing some of the functions, which includes improved Modified Grade of CPE poor mobility, simple sticky equipment in the coking, so in the production of plastic profiles Demand to participate in a certain amount of processing aids to overcome the shortcomings of plastic profiles themselves.
Filler: A filler is a solid additive, also known as a filler, that is not the same as plastic in composition and construction. To improve the plastic of some physical mechanical function and reduce the cost of plastic has a significant role and economic value. Plastic profile production formula to participate in the filler, can Modified Grade of CPE plastic profiles after heating scale change rate of change, increased impact strength, rigid addition, together also reduces the production cost.
Light Accelerator: Modified Grade of CPE light stabilizer can be shielded and absorbed by ultraviolet radiation, quenching energy capture free radicals and other methods to inhibit the photo-oxidative degradation of the polymer reaction, so as to give the finished product excellent light stability, extend their use life.
Lubricant: The main role of lubricants is to reduce the polymer and processing equipment and polymer molecules between the friction between each other, to avoid the friction due to excessive heat caused by resin degradation, improve the heat stabilizer power.
Modified Grade of CPE need to pay attention when increasing? Because Modified Grade of CPE belongs to a chemical, the increase in dosage and the quality of processing aids should be emphasized. Modified Grade of CPE should be sealed when used, can not touch the outside world, to prevent functional changes. In addition, Modified Grade of CPE can not be stored in the wet local, Modified Grade of CPE is a powder-like goods, if Modified Grade of CPE in the wet local storage. Absorb the moisture of the environment, it will condense into a block. This Modified Grade of CPE can not be used.
Modified Grade of CPE needs to pay attention to some important issues when increasing, such as the temperature of processing. As we all know, plastic processing is the need to improve the temperature, in the high temperature state, the useful processing of forming. Modified Grade of CPE is used to ensure the function of plastic goods when the plastic is heated. Thus, the quality, dose and addition of Modified Grade of CPE are important. Let's pay attention to the dose control of Modified Grade of CPE. Modified Grade of CPE is non-toxic and harmless, so there is no need to think about the harmful effects of the human body and the situation of air pollution.