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The Advantages Of RUBBER GRADE Of CPE Five Characteristics

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 04, 2017

The advantages of RUBBER GRADE of CPE five characteristics

1) RUBBER GRADE of CPE is a kind of saturated rubber, which has excellent heat-resisting oxygen aging, ozone aging, acid and alkali resistance and chemical properties.

2) excellent oil resistance of CPE rubber, with excellent performance of ASTM 1 oil and ASTM 2, which is equivalent to NBR; ASTM 3 is excellent in oil performance, better than CR and equivalent to CSM.

3) RUBBER GRADE of CPEs contain chlorine elements, which have excellent flame retardant performance, and have the characteristics of combustion and anti-drop. It is suitable for flame retardant materials with excellent flame retardant properties and low cost in proportion with antimony flame retardants, chlorinated paraffin and Al (OH) 3.

4) RUBBER GRADE of CPE is non-toxic, contains no heavy metal and PAHS, which is completely in compliance with environmental requirements.

5) RUBBER GRADE of CPE has high filling performance, which can be manufactured to meet the various performance requirements. RUBBER GRADE of CPE has good processing performance, menney viscosity (ML121 1 + 4) has multiple license plates in between 50 and 100.

The principle of the effect of RUBBER GRADE of CPE on the surface of the object. RUBBER GRADE of CPE can be anticorrosive because RUBBER GRADE of CPE can be applied to the surface of the coated object to form a hard coating, separating the object from the surrounding medium; The alkaline pigments in the RUBBER GRADE of CPE have the passivation effect to prevent the anode reaction of steel. CPE rubber class contains a large amount of active metal powder, which makes the coated steel cathode, which ACTS as cathodic protection. The insulative CPE rubber level can prevent the movement of ions and corrosion current through; RUBBER GRADE of CPE has the ability of water resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance.

RUBBER GRADE of CPE is a single component, construction benefit, water resistance, oil resistance, anti-atmospheric aging function excellent, in ships, industrial corrosion and other fields of wide application, with broad market. It has excellent dielectric resistance, atmospheric aging resistance and blockade function, and it is widely used in Western Europe as a primer and surface paint. Similar problems exist in the development of glass flake coatings. The heat - resistant and heat-resistant anticorrosive coating for heat - resistant and heat-resistant coatings for heat exchangers is required. RUBBER GRADE of CPE marking effect. Ten paints can make a variety of objects have obvious colors, so it can also act as a marker. The road, railway, airport and other articles on the Internet are not used to paint the color of warning, danger, passage and other signals.

RUBBER GRADE of CPE carbon nitride cyanamide lead lead in Europe it is widely used in the bottom of the steel used to marry but less more widely used in the UK billion in linseed oil base part can effectively use the paint but in other families of RUBBER GRADE of CPE and oily resin varnish has satisfactory protection. In the presence of moisture there is a high alkalinity in the coating of the cyanide, which is similar to calcium in this respect.

High alkalinity contributes to the deposition of the anode area so both of these pigments provide anodic protection. RUBBER GRADE of CPEs can also form lead soap adsorbed on metal surfaces in a similar way to red Dan. Lead is composed of silica particles coated with chromate lead. Corrosion resistance is not high, but it can be added to intermediate coatings and finishes to improve the corrosion resistance of the primer. Lead-free bottom bleaching is also sold in the market, except for these types of lead-free metal zinc oxide red zinc oxide red zinc oxide.

Partial has good corrosion resistance of boron power but it is as the combination of fireproofing coating and coating of the squat is widely used in copper indigo calcium zinc a white pigment used in water base according to the small platinum acid zinc in the United States a kind of white pigment is widely used in solvent primer. RUBBER GRADE of CPE Other preservatives used for iron and steel have long been known that certain extracts have the properties of protective iron and steel due to the formation of an acid salt protective film on the metal surface.