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Talking About The Properties Of Chlorinated Polyethylene

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

Talking about the properties of Chlorinated Polyethylene

Chlorinated Polyethylene is a high density polyethylene after chlorination of the product, is a small white particles. It has a very good heat aging resistance, ozone aging, acid and alkali saturated rubber. In addition, Jinlong plastic raw materials Chlorinated Polyethylene has good oil resistance, flame retardant properties, high filling performance. Chlorinated Polyethylene non-toxic, non-heavy metal, in line with environmental requirements.

Jinlong plastic raw materials Chlorinated Polyethylene has the following properties:

1, Chlorinated Polyethylene has excellent anti-aging properties, can be used in very harsh weather and harsh environment, but also full resistance to ozone.

2, Chlorinated Polyethylene has excellent flame retardant properties, will not occur spontaneous combustion phenomenon.

3, excellent low temperature performance, even at -20 ℃ can still maintain flexibility, so suitable for UPVC products, impact modifier.

4, inert and excellent, most of the chemical showed inertia, can resist all kinds of acid and alkali corrosion.

5, easy to process, with good processing performance, can be free molding.

6, excellent safety, the human body and the surrounding environment will not have any adverse effects.

7, excellent stability.

With the development of market economy, daily necessities packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, household appliances packaging have put forward higher requirements. On the one hand, with the increasing voice of environmental protection, how to meet the packaging function under the premise of minimizing the amount of garbage generated, resulting in packaging film, packaging containers to the lightweight, thin-walled direction to dry composite The main high barrier film, the use of adhesives in the production process, solvent discharge pollution of the environment, and the development of co-extruded packaging film, the process equipment investment province, low cost, strong adaptability, easy to operate. International co-extrusion technology developed rapidly, the information shows that the developed countries co-extruded packaging film accounted for 40% of the entire soft plastic packaging materials, and we only 6%, still dry composite film, the proportion of unreasonable The

Chlorinated Polyethylene application market is broad, including the beverage industry has attractive business opportunities, soft drinks, fruit juice, vegetables, beverages required for the growing demand for plastic containers. Carbonated beverage packaging in the proportion of PET bottles accounted for 57.4%, the market prospects.

With the emergence of the domestic tea beverage market, Chlorinated Polyethylene has become the fastest growing varieties of polyester bottles, the annual growth rate of more than 50%. Polypropylene transparent bottle development in recent years, a hot plastic packaging at home and abroad, of which Highly transparent PP can be widely used in injection, blowing, blowing, extrusion, hot containers, food, bottles, etc., the price is appropriate, PS, ABS, PET, PE bottle of competitors, the broad market prospects The