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RUBBER GRADE Of CPE Is Used As Modifier In PVC Formula

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 12, 2017

RUBBER GRADE of CPE is used as modifier in PVC formula

RUBBER GRADE of CPE is used as modifier in PVC formula, and research shows that RUBBER GRADE of CPE can improve the low temperature performance and impact strength of products. With the increase of the amount of RUBBER GRADE of CPE, the impact performance of PV C products will gradually improve. When the dosage is increased to a certain extent, the low-temperature impact performance of PV C products will be stabilized, and the appropriate performance ratio will be achieved in 8 or 9 portions. The increase of NBR with the dosage will increase the temperature impact of the hard PVC. EVA flow performance is good, glass temperature is low, low temperature toughening effect is good, but the cost is high. ACR has excellent low temperature impact strength and weather resistance, and can improve the appearance of products. It can be achieved with 5 copies in general. High-impact MBS has a low vitrification temperature and good effect on the low temperature brittleness of PVC materials, but the weatherability is poor. ABS can improve the cold impact strength of PVC materials and improve the appearance of products. In addition, SBS and other substances which contain rubber phase and have lower glass temperature are also used to improve the impact strength and cold resistance of PVC.

In the process of PVC processing, the use of lubricant, plasticizer, processing auxiliaries, impact modifier, filler and stabilizer have great influence on the properties of PVC plasticization. Of course, different components have different ways and degrees of impact on PVC plasticizing properties due to their different purposes. With the increase of the number of RUBBER GRADE of CPE, the plasticization time is shortened, indicating that RUBBER GRADE of CPE can promote plasticization. With the increase of stabilizing agent, the plasticization time is prolonged, because it contains external lubrication, increase the amount of stabilizer, and the amount of external lubricant increases naturally.

RUBBER GRADE of CPE can be compatible with most RUBBER and plastics, and it can be used as a compatibilizer for polymer blending system with poor compatibility. And RUBBER GRADE of CPE and RUBBER with natural RUBBER, butylbenzene RUBBER, epdm RUBBER, polyurethane RUBBER, nitrile RUBBER, chlorosulfonated polyethylene and neoprene, effectively improve the strength of the RUBBER products, wear-resisting, heat-resistant, resistant to chemicals used in the performance and low temperature resistance; The plastic with RUBBER GRADE of CPE has PVC, PE, PP, EVA, and PA, etc., to improve the low temperature impact performance of plastic products, improve flame retardancy, oil resistance and aging resistance, corrosion resistance and insulation. And make the plastic product have high filling sex, greatly reduce the production cost.

RUBBER GRADE of CPE has become the second largest pipeline of plastic pipes in the world after PVC. In the past, the application of polyethylene tubes was far less than that of RUBBER GRADE of CPE. The main reason was economy. The materials of early polyethylene tubes were about the same level as those of PE63. Because the strength is low under the same conditions (same pressure and diameter), the pipe wall of PE tube is more than 1 times thicker than the RUBBER GRADE of CPE. It causes high cost and can only be used in pipes with lower diameter and lower diameter. As international in recent years for RUBBER GRADE of CPE is special material in a continuing study and improvement, and made significant progress on material performance, thus enhanced the advantage of polyethylene pipe, expand the application field.

Since the 1990s, there has been a mass production of PE100 RUBBER GRADE of CPE. Under the same pressure and the same diameter, the PE100 polyethylene pipe is already smaller than the weight of the RUBBER GRADE of CPE. Although the price of high GRADE RUBBER GRADE of CPE is higher than that of RUBBER GRADE of CPE, the PE tube has some unique advantages. The flexibility and flexibility of the pipe is significantly lower than that of RUBBER GRADE of CPE, so the total project cost can be reduced. Introduced from abroad a few production lines in China are beginning to production level of PE100 and PE80 RUBBER GRADE of CPE material, with the improvement of the allowable stress of polyethylene pipe, and RUBBER GRADE of CPE on the wall thickness gap was reduced. Especially in the last 10 years. International obviously faster than the speed the development of polyethylene pipe RUBBER GRADE of CPE, plastic pipe production in Europe in 1985 from 1.4 million t to 1997 in 26 o t, in 1990 a 1998 RUBBER GRADE of CPE, the average annual growth rate is 2%, and polyethylene pipe is 7% average annual growth, the American society of plastic tube statistics show that in 1998, the United States in 1998, one year period of polyethylene pipe production increased by 11.9%, which is about 350000 t. Thus, the development of polyethylene pipe in foreign countries is very fast.