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Modified Grade Of CPE Market Analysis And Price Fluctuation

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 20, 2017

Modified Grade of CPE market analysis and price fluctuation

The Modified Grade of CPE is the general term for the various esters of isocyanate. Including single - Modified Grade of CPE and two - Modified Grade of CPE and Modified Grade of CPE. With the rapid development of polyurethane industry, Modified Grade of CPE is an important raw material for polyurethane resin synthesis. The most widely used and most productive ones are: toluene ii Modified Grade of CPE (Modified Grade of CPE); Diphenylmethane 2 - Modified Grade of CPE (MDI).

China, the world's biggest consumer of Modified Grade of CPE, is also facing overcapacity. At present, domestic market competition is fierce, now domestic improvement grade CPE price is already low running state. And the huge production of the CPE in China has increased the domestic market supply and increased competition.

Although demand in China's downstream markets will increase by 10 per cent this year, the Indian market will grow by 10 to 20 per cent, but the supply of Modified Grade of CPE in Asia will increase by almost 10 per cent, further increasing the pressure on supply.

From the next two to three years, China's MDI demand will grow by 15-200 thousand tons per year, and the demand in Europe and the United States will gradually recover, and the global demand increment will reach 300,000 tons every year. The MDI industry will be pushed into the business cycle by the three factors: steady growth of downstream demand, limited expansion of new production capacity and lower prices of aniline raw materials. At present, MDI production technology is still in the hands of a few enterprises. The world's six biggest companies, including yantai wanhua, the country's largest producer, control nearly 90 per cent of capacity.

Automotive industry: initially, the automotive industry, especially the parts under the hood, are considered to be the major applications of the Modified Grade of CPE. The transmission shaft dustproof cover made with Modified Grade of CPE has been produced in large quantities to replace the traditional anti-dust cover of the traditional neoprene rubber. It was then used to make airbag shells and inlet pipes. Now, from the cable to the interior trim of the car, the CPE has been produced with a block of Modified Grade of CPE. And all of these components in the low - 40 ℃ and 130 ℃ has very good flexibility.

Reportedly motors have been used on many cars Arnitel materials, including Mondeo, S a Max, the Galaxy and Focuso recently, and USES the Arnitel TPC resin as its recently released Fiesta auto material of vacuum system.

Industrial applications: Modified Grade of CPE is also widely used in various industrial parts, such as hydraulic pipes that have a high temperature, oil resistance and long life. Due to the inherent stability of TPEE, it can be used for hydraulic tubing with copper or metal woven layers. It can also be used to make conveyor belts and conveyor belts because of its excellent wear resistance and creep resistance.

Sports: another area of TPEE is sporting goods. In sports shoes, the Modified Grade of CPE is mainly used to make soft inserts, ring bandages and breathable lining, as well as for winter sports products. Golf balls also use Modified Grade of CPE. The inner layer, which is attached to the surface of the golf ball, is often made of this material, taking advantage of the excellent energy absorption performance of the Modified Grade of CPE. Other applications in the field include light strike bars and club handles. In addition, the bedding can also be made with Modified Grade of CPE. Made of TPEE mattress springs, in the product life cycle in elastic deformation problems and don't have to worry about, improve the level of CPE modulus can be different according to the shape of a long range and make the mattress spring form different bending degree, make consumers more comfortable.