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How Does ADC Blowing Agents Use It Properly?

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2017

How does ADC Blowing Agents use it properly?

In general, to determine the quality of an ADC Blowing Agents has the following criteria: (1) cohesive force. Some of the more times the styrofoam in the vertical gap will flow down, not a good bonding effect. (2) Foaming amount. A good ADC Blowing Agents has a high expansion factor and can save a lot of money. (Such as (3) the delicate degree of the cell. Good foam gel after curing the cell is very uniform and delicate, good stability, no powder. Times the bubble bubble larger, after curing inside or even empty, (4) elastic. Good ADC Blowing Agents after curing good elasticity, can withstand a lot of force on its role, the product of poor elasticity, after curing with (5) shrinkage. All ADC Blowing Agentss will shrink, especially when the temperature is high and humidity is not enough, but this has a degree, good ADC Blowing Agents shrinks more Small, the installation of doors and windows basically no impact, times the ADC foam shrinkage larger, and even damage the doors and windows, especially high-grade doors, the loss is greater.

ADC Blowing Agents commonly known as styrofoam, usually its main component of the polyurethane prepolymer, by the polyisocyanate compounds, polyesters or polyether polyols, catalysts and solvents and other reactions. ADC Blowing Agents in both tube and gun type, ADC Blowing Agents reactivity is high, commonly used in the installation of doors and windows, etc. Sealing, bonding, plugging, insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, is an environmentally friendly energy-saving, easy to use Building materials.

Judging the quality of the ADC Blowing Agents formulation can be done by the following methods:

1, if it is the use of gun-type ADC Blowing Agents, see the gun effect, playing foam, the bubble is expected to be smooth, not too thin can not be too thick, too thin foam is not, and the cell Collapse, too thick performance for the bubble dry, easy to shrink the bubble;

2, the ADC foam agent sprayed on the newspaper, forming a layer of foam, the next day to see whether the layers of foam at both ends of the tilt. Such as the tilt, it shows that the bubble shrink, the higher the Alice, the more severe shrinkage; such as both ends do not tilt, then the bubble is good;

3, cut the foam, look at the internal structure of the cell, if the cell even fine, it means a good bubble; such as the cell is very large, and the density is not defective;

4, observe the foam surface of ADC Blowing Agents, good foam surface was gully-like, smooth but gloss is not very bright; poor foam surface smooth, no folds;

5, observe the ADC foam agent cell size, for a good foam, foaming full rounded; poor foam foam small, and showing collapse;

6, with your fingers by foam, foam flexible, was a good bubble; poor foam is not flexible, according to the up is very hard, with brittle;

7, observe the ADC Blowing Agents on the substrate adhesion, good foam on a variety of substrate bonding strength, poor adhesion is poor.

ADC foam agent full name one-component polyurethane foam sealant, commonly known as blowing agent, styrofoam, PU sealant, I will tell you about the performance of ADC Blowing Agents.

ADC Blowing Agents generally dry time in about 10 minutes (room temperature 20 ℃ environment), the whole dry time with the ambient temperature and humidity are different, under normal circumstances, the summer dry time about 4-6 hours, about zero in winter It takes 24 hours or more to dry. Under normal conditions of use (and in the case of a coating on its appearance), it is estimated that the service life is not less than ten years, in the temperature range of -10 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ curing foam to maintain good flexibility and bonding force. After curing the foam has a filling, bonding, sealing and other functions. Another flame retardant ADC Blowing Agents to achieve B and C-class flame retardant.