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High Chlorinated Polyethylene Resin

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 08, 2017

High Chlorinated Polyethylene Resin Product Description

Chemical Name:High Chlorinated Polyethylene Resin (HCPE)
1. Properties:
It is made from high density polythene by chlorinated method (water-phase suspension method). It can offer very stable properties, non toxicity and no fire. It has excellent solubility for all kinds of pigments. It can be dissolved in acetone, hydrochloric ether and ester. At the same time, it can offer good performance in element, oil and chemical surrounding. It can be used as the replacer of chlorinated rubber.
2. Specifications:
White / slightly tint loose powder/particle;
Item Model
Chlorine content% max 65-68 65-68 65-68
Viscosity (Tu-4 )S 11-20 21-30 31-60
Pyrolyzing temp. (C) min 100 100 100
Heating loss, % max 0.50 0.50 0.50
Ash, % max 0.40 0.40 0.40