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Factors Affecting The Properties Of Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE Products

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2017

(1) the effect of molecular weight distribution of polyethylene on performance of chlorinated polyethylene:
Physical and mechanical properties of polyethylene are not only closely related to the molecular weight and molecular weight distribution. Molecular weight distribution and wider, easier at a high shear flow in molding extruder dies when pressure is reduced, good physical appearance, but reduced impact strength and resistance to stress cracking. Performance depends on the molecular weight of polyethylene large molecules.
(2) the effect of molecular weight of chlorinated polyethylene polyethylene:
The molecular weight of chlorinated polyethylene has a significant impact on their physical properties, such as the strength of the material, hardness, toughness, resistance to ageing stability, liquidity, and so on. Take a high molecular weight to make products with sufficient strength, but molecular weight Assembly lead to viscosity is too large and difficult to work.
(3) the chloride content, distribution and crystalline of chlorinated polyethylene material performance impact:
With the increase in chlorine content, its glass transition temperature increases, the performance impact of chlorine on the CPE is very large. 35% CPE for chlorine is our most used, CPE link on average every 5 c atom is connected to 1 chlorine atom.