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Development Prospect Of PE Pipe And Its Application Value

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2017

In the 1990 of the 20th century international has been able to mass produce PE100 polyethylene pipe material. Under the same pressure and the same diameter, PE100 polyethylene pipe is smaller than the weight of the PVC pipe. Although high grade polyethylene pipe price is also higher than that of PVC pipes, polyethylene pipes with a number of unique advantages. The flexibility to weld the pipeline cost is significantly lower than that of PVC pipe, which can bring down the overall project costs. China introduced from abroad a few production lines started to make PE80 and PE100 polyethylene pipe-specific materials, with the improvement of the allowable stress of the polyethylene pipe, and gaps on the PVC pipe in the wall thickness is reduced. Especially in the past 10 years. International Shang polyethylene tube of development speed obviously fast Yu PVC tube, and European plastic pipe of production from 1985 of 1.4 million t increased to 1997 of 26O million t, in 199,011,998 years PVC tube of average years growth is 2%, and polyethylene tube of average years growth is 7%, United States plastic pipe Association 1998 statistics information showed that, United States 1998 1 years time within polyethylene tube production on growth has 11.9%, about for 350,000 t. Therefore development of PE pipe in a foreign country is very fast.
Polyethylene (PE) pipe production started in the 6O age, on the initiative of countries regarding the promotion of the use of chemical building materials in recent years has been rapid development. According to statistics, the PE pipe production in China more than 150 enterprises, production capacity is about 450,000 t. PE pipe production scale in the enterprises with more than more than more than 10 5OOOt/a. It should be noted that water supply pipes are more and more applications in the field of polyethylene pipe, and have applications in many areas water supply pipe than PVC pipe field is also widely used in the transmission and distribution of gas polyethylene pipe in buried pipes also are increasingly using a variety of polyethylene pipes in the area.

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