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CPE Product Quality Index Reference

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2017

Production method:
Chlorinated polyethylene production solvent, chlorination, suspended solid phase chlorination and chlorination. Current method has been developed to the acid chloride chloride suspension technology, chlorination of water chlorination of suspension, suspension; solid phase chlorination of suspension into mixing bed-solid phase chlorination process, fluidized bed solid phase chlorination process.
Fluidized bed solid phase chlorination process overcomes the solution, solvent extraction, solid phase mixing three shortcomings, is PE chlorination (especially high density PE chloride) is the optimum choice. The advantage of this process: (1) avoid a solvent in a solvent (such as CCl4) on air pollution damage, and solvent recovery of the ozone layer, avoiding water pollution and pollution costs of suspension with dilute hydrochloric acid, hydrogen chloride absorption into hydrochloric acid by-product sale, lowered the cost of production. (2) PE and chlorine powder full access, response uniformity, mass and heat transfer speed. (3) the process is simple, low investment, quite easy to expand production capacity in particular, fluidized bed reactor chloride can increase the diameter, and the greater capacity, less investment and more obvious advantages.