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CPE Impact Modifier for Rigid PVC Products CPE-135A

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 21, 2017

CPE Impact Modifier for Rigid PVC Products CPE-135A Product Description

It's a kind of thermoplastic elastomer with state of white has a series of excellent performance,like:heatproof, weather-proof, flame-retardancy,chemical-resistance and ozone-resistance,as PVC impact modifier CPE can be used to produce PVC rigid products such as PVC window profile,PVC pipe and door etc.its basic function is to improve the weatherability and impact strength of PVC finished products,it can be used as special rubber to replace chloroprene rubber in the applicable fields of electric wire and rubber pipe&adhesive tape.

CPE Impact Modifier for Rigid PVC Products CPE-135A.jpgPhysical&chemical index


Test method

Technical standards



White fluid powder

Specific gravity(g/cm3)



Chlorine content(wt%)

GB/T 9872


Volatile content(wt%)

GB/T 2914


Shore hardness(Shore A)

GB/T 531.1


Heat of fusion(J/g)

GB/T 19466


Elongation at break(%)

GB/T 528


Tensile strength(MPa)

GB/T 528



HG/T 2704


Particle size(Sieve on 0.9mm,%)

GB/T 2916


Bulk density(g/cm3)

GB/T 3402