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CPE-135b CPE Impact Modifier (Chlorinated Polyethylene)

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2017

CPE-135b CPE Impact Modifier (Chlorinated Polyethylene) Product Detail

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CPE-135b CPE Impact Modifier (Chlorinated Polyethylene) Product Description

Section 1: Description
HELITM HLC-135B is a kind of crosslinked rubber material made from HDPE and Chlorine, it is superior in elongation at break, weatherability, ozone-resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, flame retardancy and color stability. It is widely used in all kinds of rubber products, such as wires, cables, transmission hoses and so on.
Section 2: Benefits
Excellent elongation at break
Improve impact-embrittlement performance

Specifications Unit Test standard HLC-135B
Appearance -- -- White powder
Thermal decomposition temperature degrees Celsius GB/T 2917.1-2002 >170
Volatile content % GB/T 2914-1999 ≤0.4
Sieve residue(30 mesh) % GB/T 2916 ≤2.0
Bulk density g/cm 3 GB/T 1636-2008 ≥0.3
Chlorine content % GB/T 7139-2002 35±2.0
Hardness (Shore A) -- GB/T 2411-2008 ≤55
Elongation at break % GB/T 528-2009 ≥850
Tensile strength MPa GB/T 528-2009 >6.0
Mooney viscosity
ML (1+4) 125 degrees Celsius
-- GB/T 1232.1-2000 65-70