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Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE 135A

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE 135A Product Detail

Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE 135A.jpg

CPE is a kind of new type of high polymer composite Material  which  from  the prehensive performance.They are also the ideal plastic modifier.
Usage:CPE has a various usage,which can mix with aII kinds of Plastic ,such as PVC,PP,
ABS,CPVC,PE,PC and PV etc.
Packing:25kg/bag,550kg/bag,or as Customers' requirements.




35± 1%

Volatile matter content


Impurity particle 


Seve residue(0.9mm)


Thermal decomposition tempeature


Apparent density


100% tensile modulus


Shore hardness


Tensile strength


Elongation at break