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Chlorinated Polyethylene Pipe CPE135A Performance

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2017

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride is made of high density polyethylene and a best performance of polymeric materials, molecular formula [CH2-CHCl-CH2-CH2]n. White granule, soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons, insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons. 170 deg decomposition, has excellent weather resistance, low temperature resistance and electrical properties of ozone; chemical resistance, oil resistance and flame retardant and has good flow and good compatibility with other plastics and rubber. Chlorine content 25~45%.
Areas of application:
As fine modifiers and additives for plastics and rubber, CPE plastic doors and Windows, PVC pipe, sheet metal, waterproofing, anti-corrosion Coatings, wires and cables, magnetic materials, flame retardant hose, tape and modified by ABS industries with a wide range of applications. PVC modifiers; PP, PE, PS, ABS and other plasticizer and flame retardants; products are refrigerators cold and magnetic tape, wire cable jacket, waterproof, fire retardant conveyor belts, plastic profiles, color cycling, and so on.