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Chlorinated Polyethylene In The Construction Of The Time Must Be Noted

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 23, 2017

Chlorinated Polyethylene in the construction of the time must pay attention to matters. Pre-construction. We must clean the surface of the construction of oil and dust, but also in the construction surface sprinkled with a little water. Use the Chlorinated Polyethylene before the product tank to shake about a minute, so that the material in the Chlorinated Polyethylene evenly. If it is to use gun-type polyurethane Chlorinated Polyethylene, with the product when the product can be aligned over the gun thread connection, the flow valve open, adjust the flow and then aligned jet. If you are using tubular polyurethane Chlorinated Polyethylene, as long as the plastic nozzle at the valve thread tightening, the plastic pipe at the gap, you can directly spray. In the injection time to pay attention to the injection speed, the general injection volume is required to fill the volume of half of the most appropriate. We should go down from the bottom when filling the vertical gap. Fill the gap like the ceiling, because the reasons for gravity, there is no curing foam will generally fall, so to take support measures, such as curing after the gap is completed and then evacuated. Usually ten minutes of foam on the sticky, an hour after the cutting operation can be done, cut off the excess foam, and then paint on the surface, so that does not affect the appearance.
With the rapid development of the construction market, the demand for Chlorinated Polyethylene is also increasing. Chlorinated Polyethylene is an environmentally friendly building materials, it is easy to use, generally applicable to sealed waterproof plugging, sealing, fixed bonding and ultimately it exists. In the steel window and aluminum alloy industry widely used. Here I would like to introduce this product: Chlorinated Polyethylene is a polyurethane prepolymer, Chlorinated Polyethylene, catalyst were installed in the pressure of gas mist in the special products. When the material of the tank is ejected under the action of air pressure, the foamy polyurethane material will swell rapidly. When this time, the air or moisture will cause the curing reaction to become foam. This time the bubble can be effectively filling, sealing, bonding, etc., Chlorinated Polyethylene generally about ten minutes on the dry, the whole dry time depends on the environment humidity and temperature, the specific time will be different , If in the summer all dry time about four or five hours, cold winter zero or so need twenty-four hours, maybe longer time to dry, generally under normal use, curing foam life in ten Year or so, can maintain a good flexibility and bonding performance.
How can Chlorinated Polyethylene be used to ensure its safety and reliability? First in the construction must be carried out before the field test, according to the construction of the environment and the different materials will be different, and then operate. First, the special stirring night into a clean container, slowly adding Chlorinated Polyethylene, kept stirring, make it into a uniform paste, place 35 minutes, continue to stir. Second, the stirring of the Chlorinated Polyethylene along the diagonal direction of the brick extrusion, Chlorinated Polyethylene extrusion in our reserved space, do not leave the open space, and then along the gap in the gap The direction of the excess material scraped, pay attention to the gap within the material can not bring out. Third, usually in ten to fifteen minutes, Chlorinated Polyethylene surface will be dry, with a little wet cotton gently wipe the surface wipe, while pressing the Chlorinated Polyethylene, so Chlorinated Polyethylene will Looks very smooth, it will be very dense. Fourth, after the Chlorinated Polyethylene dry, and then clean the cotton cloth wipe the surface of the masonry, remove the residual Chlorinated Polyethylene, if the surface of the rough masonry, the gap is too large, simply use black chloride Polyethylene filling, direct filling, so you can reduce the labor intensity of cleaning masonry.