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Chlorinated Polyethylene In Daily Necessities

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

With the development of science and technology and society, the use of chemical materials in people's daily life is also increasing, and Chlorinated Polyethylene as a commonly used chemical materials, the use of a wide range of appropriate, today we come to learn, Chlorinated Polyethylene in normal days usage of:
Chlorinated Polyethylene Low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness, is an excellent smooth agent, can improve the production of plastic processing power, good moisture resistance at room temperature, chemical resistance, excellent electrical function, can improve the appearance of products The
Chlorinated Polyethylene as a natural or synthetic fiber softener and smooth agent, to improve wear resistance, tear strength, wrinkle resistance and ironing clothes sewing, reduce the need to cut and adjust the touch.
Chlorinated Polyethylene is widely used in the coating of low molecular weight polyethylene homopolymer or copolymer, solvent-based coating in the primary role: extinction, anti-deposition, thixotropy, good smooth and processability, metal positioning.
In the process of paper production, Chlorinated Polyethylene can improve the gloss and hardness of paper, can increase water resistance and resistance, increase the beauty of paper.
Chlorinated Polyethylene is a colloid that is flocculated by high shear to achieve an activated, dispersed colloidal state. His strengths are hard to prevent hardening, less on gloss, good viscosity stability, and less sensitive to temperature The
Add Chlorinated Polyethylene to improve its function. Excellent electrical insulator function, to participate in insulating oil, white wax or microcrystalline white wax, to soften the temperature increase, viscosity and insulation function, can be used for cable insulation, capacitors and Transformer Wound Moisture Coating. In addition, can also be used to make shoes shoes, candles, crayons, cosmetics, leather, hot melt adhesives and so on.
Chlorinated Polyethylene is widely used in industrial production, and has its presence in all areas. It is used in paint production, mainly in the form of additives. Mainly used to improve the appearance of the coating anti-expansion function, including the progress of the coating film lubricity, resistance to scratch and improve water resistance. In addition, it can also affect the rheological function of the coating, its participation can make the metal luster in the aluminum powder such as the orientation of solid particles become uniform. In the matt paint it can act as a matting agent, according to its particle size and particle size distribution, wax extender extinction performance is also different. Therefore, the wax additive is suitable for bright lacquers and also for matte finish. Microcrystalline Chlorinated Polyethylene can be used to improve the appearance of waterborne industrial coatings. Such as Ffka-906, to participate in post-lubricity, anti-blocking, scratch resistance and extinction effects have been strengthened, and can be useful to inhibit the deposition of paint. The increase is 0.25% -2.0%.
Chlorinated Polyethylene has been widely used in various occupations, in the wire and cable occupation, can be used as cable data lubricant, can greatly improve the processing function, and then increase the product surface gloss and smoothness; in the masterbatch occupation , As the masterbatch dispersant, can effectively improve the dispersion of filler and pigment; in the adhesive industry, Chlorinated Polyethylene is the production of hot melt adhesive essential information, it can improve the softening point of the glue, for bonding PE plate , Pipe and the main packaging sealing, a strong bonding strong and good heat and aging resistance; there are plastic processing industry can not be separated Chlorinated Polyethylene, it can be used as extrusion. Injection processing and calendering of the lubricant, can improve the processing efficiency, and then prevent and overcome the film, pipe and sheet bonding, improve the appearance of products, progressive products, smoothness and gloss. There are a lot of other occupations, have a certain use.