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Chlorinated Polyethylene

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2017

Chlorinated Polyethylene Product Detail

Chlorinated Polyethylene

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:Chlorinated polyethylene(CPE135A)

  • Usage:PVC

  • Color:White

Product Description
Chlorinated polyethylene(CPE135A)
Standard: HG/T 2704-2010
Properties: White powdery elastomer.
1) Good anti-ageing property and excellent weatherability. It could be used under
Harsh climate and environment, and it is fully resistant to ozone
2) Good anti-combustion, no self-ignition
3) Good low-temperature flexibility. It could remain flexible under -20. It may be
Used as impact modifier in UPVC product
4) Excellent endurance to chemicals. It is inert to many chemical reagents, and
Corrosion-resistant to various acids and alkalis
5) Good processing ability. It's easy to be shaped
6) Extremely safe for operation. CPE is harmless to human body and the environment
7) Excellent stability.