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China ADC Blowing Agents Industry Market Characteristics

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 20, 2017

China ADC Blowing Agents industry market characteristics

At present, China's ADC Blowing Agents industry has the following characteristics:

1. China ADC Blowing Agents regulation started late

The management of ADC Blowing Agents in China is relatively late. China only began to officially manage ADC Blowing Agents in 1981, and issued the "standard for the use of ADC Blowing Agents" (GB2760), which is only 31 years old so far. The management of ADC Blowing Agents in major developed countries has a history of hundreds of years, such as Japan's legislation to regulate ADC Blowing Agents since the Meiji restoration period. In 2011, China issued new ADC Blowing Agents standards, which, compared with previous standards, removed the word "hygiene" in the name and became the national standard for food safety. Rules can be used in the new standard of ADC Blowing Agents has more than 2300, and 1981 in the standard allows the use of only more than 700 kinds of ADC Blowing Agents, allows the use of ADC Blowing Agents varieties showed a trend of increasing.

China ADC Blowing Agents develops rapidly

ADC Blowing Agents development is faster in China, although the standardization management of time is not long, but in our country there are many kinds of ADC Blowing Agents both in production and have become a world leader in production technology, such as monosodium glutamate, citric acid, xylose, xylitol, saccharin sodium, cyclamate and lysine, taurine, vitamin C, vanillin and ethyl maltol, etc.

China's ADC Blowing Agents industry is relatively backward

Compared with the ADC Blowing Agents industry in the major developed countries, China's ADC Blowing Agents industry is relatively backward, mainly reflected in the following aspects. One is allowed to use the ADC Blowing Agents varieties is less, our country allows the use of ADC Blowing Agents has more than 2300 varieties, the United States has more than 5000 kinds, the most conservative worldwide is more than 10000, and is more than 25000. Second, our country currently allows the use of ADC Blowing Agents class is low, the ADC Blowing Agents has the branch of high-grade, middle-grade and low-grade, there are advanced and backward, the situation in China is low and more backward ADC Blowing Agents. Could use the preservative sodium benzoate in soy sauce, for example, lower the price of this preservative, anti-corrosion effect is better also, but the grade is lower, Japan has not allowed to use, and the reason this kind of preservatives in our country is still in use, the main reason is that on the basis of the existing technology, some high-grade preservative is not able to produce in China, the other high-grade preservatives manufacturing cost is too high cause we can't afford to use at present. Three ADC Blowing Agents standard system is not perfect, our country existing standards related to the ADC Blowing Agents basically has two, one is the GB2760 "ADC Blowing Agents using standard", the second is GB14880 "hygienic standards of using food nutrition fortifier, more than 2300 kinds of ADC Blowing Agents with more than 200 kinds of food nutrition fortifier a total of more than 2500 kinds, which most of the product has not the national standard, this gives management has brought about many problems, also has brought the hidden danger to food safety

4. The development of ADC Blowing Agents in China is promising

The use and development of ADC Blowing Agents is an objective reality that is not transfered by human's good and evil. The ADC Blowing Agents is needed for the modernization of traditional food in China.

Our traditional food, such as steamed buns, steamed buns and dumplings, used to be made in the home. Now it is produced by the food factory. The food factory is the big kitchen of industrialization. The modernization of traditional Chinese food requires a matching ADC Blowing Agents. Chewing gum, beer, coke, bread, cake, chocolate, these from the west into the food, add right from the start the ADC Blowing Agents, we Chinese people will take it for granted, but if we are a traditional food of China's industrialization to add a bit of ADC Blowing Agents, as if to accept, but whether we can accept, the trend of the development of the ADC Blowing Agents is not able to resist. Our consumers have an adaptation process.