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Application Of Chlorinated Polyethylene Rubber In The Market

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2017

1) CPE is a saturated rubber, have outstanding heat oxygen aging and ozone aging, acid, chemical.
2) CPE excellent oil resistance, resistance to oil, ASTM ASTM 1th, 2nd oil excellent performance, comparable with NBR resistance ASTM 3rd oil with excellent performance, better than CR, CSM.
3) CPE contains chlorine, has excellent flame retardant properties and combustion characteristics under the drip-proof. Its antimony flame retardants, chlorinated paraffins, Al (OH) 33 proper tie can be flame retardant high performance, low cost materials.
4) CPE-toxic, contains no heavy metals and PAHS, in full compliance with the requirements of environmental protection.
5) CPE with high filling properties and meets the different requirements can be prepared product. The processing performance of the CPE, Mooney viscosity (ML121 1+4) in 50-100 there are many brands to choose from.