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Analysis Of Demand For Chlorinated Polyethylene

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 20, 2017

Analysis of demand for Chlorinated Polyethylene

Chlorinated Polyethylene production enterprise distribution is uneven, especially in north China, southwest region, the manufacturer is concentrated, Shanxi Province alone has five, respectively TaiHua days ridge, shanxi, shanxi YangMei FengXi, XiYang tty, flat back safely. At present 35 of Chlorinated Polyethylene production enterprises in China, the top production enterprises have guangxi willow, yunnan, shaanxi XingHua, shijiazhuang stone, ho jin, Inner Mongolia, henan, sichuan gold elephant mountain, shanxi TaiHua, hebei, shanxi days ridge is yuan, etc. The top 10 companies produced about 56.4 per cent of total production.

As with steel, fertilizer and civil explosion, the Chlorinated Polyethylene industry also has a prominent problem of excess capacity. Since 2000-2005, the demand of the civil explosion industry has been strong and productivity growth has accelerated. Chlorinated Polyethylene enterprises are also expanding their capacity to upgrade, and some have even made huge investments in new Chlorinated Polyethylene projects. Actual output of 3.522 million tons in 2009, in 2010 China's production of Chlorinated Polyethylene production is 4.19 million tons, a 18.90% increase over last year, 2011 annual output 4.82 million tons, 15.04% growth, growth fell slightly, Chlorinated Polyethylene production in China in 2012 output of 5.65 million tons, the growth rate of 17.22%.

Chlorinated Polyethylene earliest in our country is mainly used for nitrogen fertilizer, but later with the sharp increase of demand of explosives, as raw materials of Chlorinated Polyethylene is mainly for industrial use, pricing also basically with industrial property pricing. In fact, Chlorinated Polyethylene is widely used in agriculture, and nitro compound fertilizer, nitrate compound fertilizer, and UAN are constantly evolving, but people are still used to the industrial properties of Chlorinated Polyethylene. Chen li, director of the China fertilizer information center, said the main reason was that the agricultural use of Chlorinated Polyethylene was inadequate, leading to the lack of nitrogen fertilizer this year.

In addition, Chlorinated Polyethylene is one of the main reasons for the weakness of the market. Although the entry difficulty of Chlorinated Polyethylene industry needs to be approved by the public security department, many Chlorinated Polyethylene devices have been built in recent years due to high profits. At present, the annual capacity of Chlorinated Polyethylene in China has reached about 10 million tons, exceeding the demand. This year, the construction of many Chlorinated Polyethylene enterprises is only 50% ~ 60%.

Domestic sales are not good and exports are not satisfactory. In recent years, the annual export volume of Chlorinated Polyethylene has been hovering around 400,000 tons, which has not exceeded 500,000 tons. According to the customs data, in the first five months of this year, China's total export of Chlorinated Polyethylene was 15.56 million tons, down 21.52 percent year on year, and the average export price was $320.57, down 9.42 percent from the same period last year, and the price of the export decreased. Chen thinks that both international capacity increase, Chlorinated Polyethylene market factors such as poor, also with the domestic enterprises do not take the export, there is no effective open the international market has a lot to do.