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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plant And Animal Cement ADC Blowing Agents

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

Advantages and disadvantages of plant and animal cement ADC Blowing Agents

Plant cement ADC Blowing Agents

Plant cement ADC Blowing Agents is made from imported high quality natural plant macromolecule material, which is produced by a series of complex chemical reactions, and the product is pure and transparent oily liquid. Not sensitive to hard water, non - toxic, tasteless and non - sediment. The PH value is close to neutral, no corrosive to cement and metal, no pollution to the environment. The ADC Blowing Agents is resistant to storage, not easy to deteriorate, with excellent foaming energy, rich foam and moderate foam stability. With the ADC Blowing Agents production foamed cement has the advantages of low consumption, low cost and stable quality, a barrel of ADC Blowing Agents can produce foamed cement (200 kg) of about 500 cubic meters, so it is widely used in floor heating engineering and roof insulation engineering, can significantly reduce the construction cost.


1. Because the air hole in the foaming cement made by the ADC Blowing Agents is connected, the permeability of foaming cement is good, and the anti-permeability is poor, which cannot be used in the engineering of anti-seepage.

2. Under the same density compared with animal ADC Blowing Agents made of foamed cement, the heat preservation performance, compressive strength somewhat damage, and in some special requirements of engineering application by certain restrictions.

3. Due to the control of foam stability of plant ADC Blowing Agents, the thickness of foamed cement of one-time pouring is not more than 200 mm, otherwise the surface collapse phenomenon is easy to occur.

Animal cement ADC Blowing Agents

The animal cement ADC Blowing Agents with the selected animal (ox and sheep) keratin protein is the main raw material, through a series of hydrolyzed reactions, the temperature is dissolved, the dilution, the filtration, the high temperature shrink. Imported advanced production equipment and the latest manufacturing technology, strict quality control, production process product show dark brown viscous liquid, low content of impurities, excitant odour is lighter, uniform quality, quality consistency is good, has the good foamability and foam stability, excellent animal cement ADC Blowing Agents is a new generation. The bubbles generated in the ADC Blowing Agents with the surface strength high, extremely stable foam, with its production of foamed cement its bubbles are independent of each other closed, disconnected between bubble and bubble foam cement products resistance to permeability is very good.

1. In the same density, the foaming cement produced by the plant ADC Blowing Agents is better than the sealing and thermal insulation, and the strength is high.

2. Due to its excellent foam stability, its one-time pouring the thickness of the foamed cement can reach 1.5 meters and not collapse, and therefore suitable for foaming, light plate, light wall brick production.


1. Due to the complex production process, the product cost is higher.

2. The ADC Blowing Agents is not as bubbly as the plant ADC Blowing Agents, and the consumption of foaming cement is higher.

3. It has a certain pungent smell, which can only disappear after making the foaming cement.