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Acid-phase Method Development And Production Technology Of Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2017

Advantages: acid-phase method CPE production process with domestic demand less, industrial use of by-product hydrochloric acid value is high, the product quality is stable and so on. In particular with the international universal water-phase process, which has significant water saving advantage. Water-phase method about 30 tons of water per ton of product, phase rule only 10~15 tons. In the area of environmental protection, acid-phase method is more advanced, by-product of aqueous hydrochloric 3%~5% can only be neutralized to dilute emissions, pollution and by-product hydrochloric acid phase method 15%~20%, chlorination of used as a solvent, can also be slightly condensed, as industrial products for sale. In terms of product performance, water produced by CPE elongation of 500%~650%, and produced by acid-phase method General CPE elongation of up to 800%~950%, processing performance increased significantly.
CPE additives due to the flexible, adaptable, long service life, special rubber can be used as a substitute for natural rubber. If the CPE to achieve mass production, then from additives to natural rubber substitute, became another source of raw materials of rubber. However, current methods for producing CPE with only a water-phase processes. This process requires not only vast amounts of water, and 3%~5% produced by low concentrations of hydrochloric acid recycling costs high, low value and can be used to cause pollution. In addition, a serious lack of freshwater resources in China, is one of the key factors restricting production.