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Stability problem of the trichloroethylene and the detection method

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2017

Volatility of trichloroethylene is decided by the physico-chemical properties of its own, resulting in acidic decomposition is inevitable, we can only be a certain amount of time to maintain relative stability under certain conditions. Generally according to using of situation different set its stability, usually for industrial raw materials its stability set for short time of stable, that from three chlorine vinyl output to sales transport store to one-time with finished, in this paragraph time within keep stable on can has, this stability of formula is to organic amine mainly of alkaline material, in the and three chlorine vinyl in the constantly decomposition out of acid to reached purpose. If it is used for metal parts cleaning and extraction of material stability setting is more complex, with a simple acid-base neutralization is unable to meet the complex circumstances of use. Foreign brands for special neighborhood of trichloroethylene is basically made of epoxy acid method making it serve the purpose. Epoxy as stabilizer changes the pattern of acid-base neutralization, but acid absorption intensity to measure the stability of trichloroethylene. Epoxide stabilizers are used as acid oxidation of n-butane.