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Solvent-based cleaning agents and the advantages and disadvantages of water-based cleaning agent

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2017

Trichloroethylene in solvent cleaning agents and water-based cleaning agent in the nature, purpose, effect, environmental protection, economy, there are significant differences, but due to numerous difficulties in all kinds of cleaning solvents cleaning solvents category segmentation feature, so the following cleaning solvents and universal character of water-based cleaning agent for comparison.
Cleaning mechanism of water-based cleaning agents are not only using the characteristic of the water itself is the polar solvent, also changes the surface tension of surfactant to emulsify the organic dirt penetration reduce the adhesion of dirt on the object so as to achieve clear results;
But compared to solvent cleaning agents, stability to some water-based cleaning agent, emulsifying penetration can occur under some conditions, cleaning effect will be affected. So in for cleaning of when need guarantee cleaning conditions suitable, addition in slightly heating of conditions Xia can improve cleaning effect, but cleaning process more complex, need for more step operation, cleaning effect also than solvent cleaning agent to slightly poor some, cleaning of effect not stable, in economic cost Shang relative low, for General of cleaning job, waste of processing aspects also need some special processing.