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Considerations for using trichloroethylene

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2017

Matters needing attention
· Trichloroethylene toxic and be aware of when using trichloroethylene vapors in the air should not exceed toxic limits the number, it should have good ventilation in the workplace;
· Three vinyl chloride and alkali total heat easily explode, so when you use, no contact with alkali, special note is cleared when the acid in cleaning tank, you cannot use caustic soda;
· Trichloroethylene, in light, air and water coexist, decomposition of hydrogen chloride acid gases caused by metal corrosion, so attention should be separated from the water, cleaning equipment, the equipment can separate water and solvent recovery, solvent recycling;
· Trichloroethylene is easily decomposed, producing hazardous hydrogen chloride, in order to prevent the decomposition of trichloroethylene, stabilizer, often adding stabilizer has two amine, such as triethylamine and pyridine, THF, the amount used for 0.1~0.2%. Chinese traditional medicine radix paeoniae Rubra stabilizers for trichloroethylene is also a good, the amount for the 3~4%, adding another function of these stabilizers, and cleaning solution can be used in hydrochloric acid;
Trichloroethylene vapors in the air, comes into contact with an open flame or hot plate, such as exposure to welding arc and the heater will produce acid gas, when it uses trichloroethylene to remove oil, cannot be used with these devices in the same room.