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Advantages of common solvent perchloroethylene

Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2017

Tetrachloroethylene than major and possess a good ability of dissolving liquids. Experiments found no flash point, almost impossible to burn. They are very good for oil, grease, wax, tar, oil and General metalworking coolant in the process.
1. all chlorides solvents tetrachloroethylene is the boiling point of super high, high specific gravity (1,3 Kg/lt) and very high solvent mist vapor density (air 5.76 times).
2. the high boiling point of tetrachloroethylene (121 c) allows it to remove the wax, as well as dissolved and clear resins have distinct advantages. Higher temperatures also mean more than other solvent steam fog to condense on the surface of the parts and after cleaning the parts ultra mist rinsing stage, will have more volume of solvent on the parts.
3. tetrachloroethylene cleaning lighter weight components and lightweight alloy parts are very effective. Meanwhile, high boiling point of tetrachloroethylene are necessary elements to get better penetration, used to clean the pores opening and welding seams, contains in particular the slightly damp and humid parts of water.
4. tetrachloroethylene than other chloride (bromide) solvents are inherently more stable, PCE also integrates elements of many more stable molecular structure in the industry provide large solvent's ability to break down resistance. So she can be used for all common metals-degreasing cleaning jobs, particularly suitable for cleaning those susceptible to pollution and susceptible to corrosion of metallic materials, including aluminum, magnesium, zinc, copper and their alloys.