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Chlorinated Polyethylene Rubber Raw Material Weipren CPE 6035 for Wire Cable Hoses High Mooney Viscosity

Chlorinated Polyethylene Rubber Raw Material Weipren CPE 6035 for Wire Cable Hoses High Mooney Viscosity

Weipren® 6035 with high Mooney viscosity Specifications Appearance: white powder Other Names: CPE 6035 H.S. Code:3901909000 MF: [CH2-CHCl-CH2-CH2]n CAS

Detailed description

Weipren® 6035 with high Mooney viscosity

Appearance: white powder
Other Names: CPE 6035
H.S. Code:3901909000
MF: [CH2-CHCl-CH2-CH2]n
CAS NO.: 064754-90-1
Purity: 99.9%
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Weipren
Grade: 6035
Classification: Weipren® CM
Technical Figures






Chlorine Content




Heat of Fusion








Mooney viscosity




Shore Hardness (Shore A)


Notes:●The listed data is only for customers' reference and shall not be deemed the selling specification for final products.
Product description:
Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) is a new type of themo-plastic elastomer based on chlorination reaction. CPE is of white color, nontoxic and odorless. Its special structure makes it possess various superior physical and chemical performances. Now CPE has been widely used in plastics and rubber applications, and is well acknowledged by the customers for its superior comprehensive performances and ideal cost-effectiveness.
Properties of WEIPREN® CM
◆ Superior mechanical performances
◆ Good low temperature performances
◆ Superior heat aging performances, weatherability and chemicals resistance
◆ Superior flex-resistance
◆ Good flame retardancy and machine oil resistance
◆ Long storage time
◆ Ideal cost effectiveness
◆ Wires and Cables. WEIPREN®CM has good mechanical performances, good electric insulation, superior processing ability and is widely used in wires and cables. Its applications includes: insulation layer for various types of oil resistant parallel cords (HPN cords), protective sheath for soft cords or soft cable for home appliances (electric heater, kitchen ware, air conditioner, refrigerator), protective sheath for cables of light, medium and heavy duty, protective sheath for mine cable, marine cable and locomotive cable, insulation layer or sheath for power cable, instrument cable and control cable. WEIPREN®CM is cost effective and its vulcanized rubber can be stored at ambient temperature for long time. WEIPREN®CM has become well acknowledged by the customers.
◆Insulation Performance
The chlorination of WEIPREN®CM is in glass-lined reactors without involvment of metal ions. It is not necessary for cleaning with caustic solution and there is no conductive ions sticking on its surface, which endows WEIPREN®CM with good insulation performances. The volume resistivity of it's vulcanized sheet can be as high as 1013~1014.
◆ Automobile Hoses and Industrial Hoses. As WEIPREN®CM has good heat resistance, oil resistance, chemicals resistance, ozone resistance, flex resistance and high stretching strength; it has become the ideal choice for automobile industry. The application of WEIPREN®CM in automobile industry are gear box oil hoses, brake hoses, power steering hoses, inlet and outlet hoses for engines, etc. It can also be used in external layers of oil delivery hoses for engines, air conditioner hoses, etc. WEIPREN®CM also has good market prospect in industrial oil delivery, chemicals delivery and mining.
◆ Various Types of Specialized Rubber Products. As WEIPREN®CM has good resistance to heat, oil, chemicals and aging, it can be used for fabrication of specialized rubber articles such as engineering rubber, sealing rings, gaskets and lining. Also I can be used as special rubber materials such as for production of rubber cloth.
◆ Use Together with Other Rubbers. Combined use of WEIPREN®CM with rubbers such as EPDM, NBR, CSM, CR, IIR and SBR will not only reduce production cost but also improve specific performances of the rubber. 

Unique Characteristics
Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a large-scale state-holding public company, which focuses on production, sales, scientific research, design and international trading. Yaxing Chemical is the only producer in the world who uses globally most advanced HCl phase technology from Hoechst for CPE production. Yaxing chemical is currently the world largest CPE producer with most diversified grades of products,annual capacity 170,000mt fully enhanced its technological level and became an outstanding representative for industry leadership.
◆ Unique Production Technologies and Equipment
The only HCl phase suspension method introduced from Hoechst, Germany;
The globally biggest 60m3 enamel chlorination reactors with stable running.
◆ The Most Stable Raw Material Supply Guarantee and Control Technologies
Stable self-supplied liquid chlorine and specialized multi-grade PE supply;
PCS7 control system with Siemens design with most advanced control levels.
◆ First-class Technological Research and Development Level
The only first-class chlorinated polymers research center in China;
Many testing and piloting devices for high polymer materials imported from foreign countries.
◆ Superior Product Quality
Our CPE is the only one without salt content and has higher whiteness and superior electric insulation performances.
The products have many series with different performances and are widely used in many applications.
◆ Most Environmentally Friendly Production Method
Our CPE production is the only one without acidic water discharge and waste-gas discharge;
The 25% HCl as the byproduct is fully sold as formal product. The production method is clean and environmentally friendly.

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: 25kg PP bags,25kg PE bags,500kg/600kg/750kg/900kg/1000kg big bags,25kg low melting point EVA bags specially made for rubber customers or as customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 7 days after payment
This material is non - dangerous goods for land, air and marine transportation.
To avoid blocking, bags containing Weipren® should be stacked no more than two pallets high and should be stored in a cool(below 50℃) dry location.

With over 90 years experience, Yaxing Chemical is one of the professional chlorinated polyethylene rubber raw material weipren cpe 6035 for wire cable hoses high mooney viscosity manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory has been constantly introducing advanced technology and equipment. You can rest assure to buy the top quality CPE products from us.

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