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Our History
Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co., Ltd. established in 1921, has nearly 2,000 employees, is a large-scale public company, which focuses on production, sales, scientific research, design and international trading. Since the 1980s, Yaxing began to research and develop CPE. In 1990, Yaxing introduced foreign advanced technology and equipment exclusively and built the first large-scale hydrochloric acid method CPE production device. After seven times expansion and transferring successively, Yaxing has reached 170,000t/a CPE production capacity and become the largest CPE manufacturer globally. Yaxing not only further maintained and consolidated its globally leading position in CPE industry, but also fully enhanced its technological level and became an outstanding representative for industry leadership.

Our Factory
We are the leader of production and sales in china's chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) industry and the most important company for production and development of chlorinated polymers in the world. Yaxing Chemical is the only producer in the world who uses globally most advanced HCI phase technology for CPE production. Yaxing Chemical is currently the world largest CPE producer with most diversified grades of products.

Our Product
Yaxing Chemical mainly deals with CPE, ion exchange caustic soda, hydrazine hydrate, ADC blowing agent and other high-tech products. The production plants and technologies for the main products were all imported from Germany, and the production technologies and scales both take the lead globally.

Product Application
Weipren® CPE can be divided into Weipren® Resin and Weipren® CM. Weipren® Resin is mainly used in plastics as follows:
--- PVC Modification
---Flame Retardant ABS
---Magnetic Material
--- Soft Product
---Modifying PE and other Plastics
Weipren® CM is mainly used in Rubbers as follows:
--- Wire and Cables
---Automobile Hoses and Industrial Hoses
---Various Types of Specialized Rubber Products
--- Use Together with Other Rubbers

Production Technologies
At present, Yaxing chemical has 4 sets of chemical production equipment equipped with world's leading technical level .
1.Yaxing buyout and developing innovatived CPE production technology of HCl-phase suspension exclusively, which was solely owned by Hoechst, Germany. This technology is leading the CPE industry and is characterized with flexible operation and best adaptability for serial products with respectively distinct features, thus different applications of different customers can be reached. The HCl as the byproduct is fully recovered, which ensures environmentally friendliness and cleanness.
2.Adopt ketazine technology and equipment which is imported from Bayer, Germany. Build high concentration hydrazine hydrate production device that production capacity is 12,000 tons a year.
3.Adopt no acid condensation technology and equipment which is imported from Bayer, Germany. Build ADC foaming agent production equipment that production capacity is 12,000 tons a year.
4.Introduce advanced technology from Uhde company, Germany, build ionic membrane caustic soda production device that annual output of 120000 tons.

Raw Material Guarantee
Yaxing has a chlor-alkali production plant with capacity of 120,000t/mt, which fully ensures chlorine supply for CPE production. Yaxing has been since many years in strategic cooperation with South Korea's Lotte Chemical Company. the biggest PE producer in Korea. And Yaxing also has good strategic relationships with other domestic and foreign PE producers. This raw material supply guarantee is the base for Yaxing's continuous development of new grades of CPE for the market's new demand.

Process Control
Our CPE plant is equipped with globally most advanced Simatic PCS 7 control system of Simens design. Various process parameters can be comprehensively controlled via single-channel PID or multi-loop cascade control, which makes the real process move on precisely following the predesigned programmes. For example, the vibration of the reaction temperature, one of the key control parameters, can be controlled within ±0.1℃ precision. This advanced control technology serves as the base for all of our CPE standards to fully reach their original design.

Our Certificate
We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, ISO14000:14001,OHSAS18001, SGS guidelines and our stringent Simens PCS7 quality control system. 

Production Market
With over 20 years of consistent efforts and development by Yaxing, Weipren® CPE, together with its superior quality and service, has accquired global acknowledgement. The brand of Weipren® CPE has become well known in the global plastics and rubber market.
Since many years, Yaxing has supplied over 1 million tons of first class Weipren® CPE to automobile industry of USA, electrical industry of Germany, plastics industry of Korea and plastic and wire&cable industry of China. Many international and domestic famous plastics and rubber companies have become sincere customers of Yaxing. Now Weipren® CPE has been sold to over 30 countries and regions in the world (including USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Chinese Hongkong and Taiwan, etc.), covering around 35% of the global CPE market. For domestic sales, Weipren® CPE is sold to all provinces except Tibet and Hainan province, covering over 25% of the total domestic market.

Our service
Yaxing has a national-level technical center, which focuses on studies of new types of high molecular materials represented by plastics and rubber materials. The center has joined over 100 science projects of national, provincial and city level. Developed more than 30 varieties of new products, new materials, including 8 kinds of new products won the national new product or the national key new products, which all filled the domestic gap in this field. Accquired 17 national renovation patents and issued over 60 academic papers, all with good academic values.
Yaxing has been consistently devoting to science and development investment and has installed 2 chlorination piloting systems with different specification for trial production of new products and new grades. The technical center has over 300 testing and processing equipment for high molecular materials development such as Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer, Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Haake Rheometer, Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer, Electron Scanning Microscope, Automatic Melt Index Indicator, Capillary Rheometer, Electronic Tensile Machine, High Temperature Tensile Machine, Double Screw Extruder, Mooney Viscosity Meter, Vulcameter, Rubber Internal Mixer and Open Mill, thus having built a first-class platform of research and development.
Yaxing sticks to the policy of combining production, studies and researches. It has created an academic atmosphere of "People Orientation" and cultivated a new renovative team. Through many years of research on high molecular materials and CPE application, the technical center has accumulated abundant research and application experiment in terms of formulation design, performance improvement, technical analysis, application experiments, etc. thus leading the industry for better and quicker development.